A Real Live Customer Service Assistant will Transform and Boost Your Business!

Your phone calls answered, Live Chat, phone orders, bookings and more.

Phone Calls

Have your calls professionally answered and handle questions, phone orders, bookings etc.

Live Chat

Let your customers engage with your through online Live Chat.

Amazing Customer Service

Your leads & customers will love the amazing Customer Service experience with your business.

Give your clients the most amazing Customer Service Experience... and watch your business boom!

Did you that providing top level customer service by a real human will significantly boost your business?

People want to be able to speak to a human or engage in Live Chat with a real human in real time. Regardless of whether it’s a phone call or Live Chat or Messenger or any other communication tool… the key is having contact with a real human in real time.

But let’s face it… the cost of having full time Customer Service staff is very expensive.

That’s why most Customer Service centres are now located overseas. And the Philippines is the number spot for Customer Service.


Because rates are much lower than in Australia and they speak a very high quality of English. That;s because English is equally as common as their native language.

But whenever you’re dealing with other cultures there can still be issues popping up. And most Virtual Staff companies simply assign you a staff member without any real ‘Culture Training’.

And that’s where Dynamic Action is so different and so effective.

All of our team go through the ‘Australian Ready’ program. This is a special program that teaches them about the Australian culture, how we work and how we like to engage with people.

It really makes a huge difference.

And now you can have a Full Time or Part Time Customer Service person looking after your customers.

They can answer your phone calls, engage in Live Chat, answer questions, take orders… anything you want them to do.

You can even get them to do customer follow up call.. this alone can generate a lot of extra revenue.

Get started with your own Customer Service Assistant today!

Now you can have a Full or Part Time Customer Service Assistant for Just...

$199 a Week Part Time or $299 a Week Full Time

No Contracts

You’re not linked in to any fixed terms. Cancel whenever you like. Not that you'll want to because once you try us you'll love us 🙂

Quality Staff

Our team is made up of qualified staff with University Degrees. Our team are also paid a lot more than others in their industry. This gives us the best people.

Fast, Easy Communication

You'll get access to our desktop & mobile messneger app which allows you to communicate with your Assistant in real time. Naturally, you can also call them too.

Customer Reviews

What clients say

Answer Phone Calls

It’s important to have a real person answer your phone calls. Whether they are new potential customers calling for information or your current customers calling to place orders, make a booking or simply ask a question.

You’ll leave a far better impression on your leads & customers when you have a professional Customer Service Assistant answer their calls.

Live Chat

Live Chat is not an option anymore. It’s a must!

People are engaging with businesses less by phone and more through Live Chat.

The problem with Live Chat is that you need someone ready & waiting to answer the Live Chat request immediately as it comes in.

You can’t have a user waiting until you can get to your computer.

With the Shared Assistant you’ll have your Live Chat answered quickly and your customers will love you for it.

Sales & Customer Service

Need to accept orders over the phone? No problem your Assistant can handle that for you.

Need to take bookings over the phone or through Live Chat? Done!

Want your Customer Service Assistant to Up-sell while they’re taking a customer order? They’ll do that for you too.

You’ll have an amazing, professional Customer Service Assistant giving your leads & customers an amazing experience with your business.

Take your business to the next level

You’re just minutes away from providing your callers with amazing Customer Service!


Most frequent questions and answers

We use VOIP technology. That means your calls are being made through the internet. Most calls these days are being dine this way. If you don’t have a VOIP system we highly recomemend using one. It’s simple to change over to and it’s a LOT cheaper than normal old technology phones. It’s aslo a lot clearer.

Otherwise you can also simply divert your phone.

Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to discuss your options.

No problem, we can set it up for you… it’s easy!

Click here for details.

No, it’s week to week. You may cancel at any time, not that you’ll want to, we’re awesome 🙂

There is a once off $399 set up fee. That’s it! There are no other fees apart from your weekly fee.

You’ll download a Messenger style App on your computer, tablet or smart phone. When your needs to communicate with you they’ll simply interact on the Messenger App.

It’s simply, it’s quick and it’s effective… and it’s in real time.

Yes, we will assign one of Customer Service team to you and you will have the same Assistant.

Yes. Your Account Manager is there to make sure everything flows properly for you. They are there to make your experience with Dynamic Action an amazing one.

You will have their direct phone number and you’ll also have them direct on Live Chat.

It does happen. Staff can be sick and be away on holidays as well.

But we have you covered. If your Assistant is away we’ll have another one covering you so your service continues as normal.

Your Account Manager will always let you know if there is a replacement taking over.

Part/Full Time

Part/Full Time

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