Customer Service Staff from Just...
$299 a Week Full Time or $199 a Week Part Time

Give Your Customers the Best Customer Service Experience and Watch Your Sales & Referrals Boom!

It's easy to get a powerful edge over your competitors by giving customers the most amaizng Customer Service experience.

People are sick of talking to automated computers and machines. They want to talk to & engage with real humans who can give them the support and information they need.

Now you can provide real customer service to your customers. They can answer their questions, take orders & booking by phone or through Live Chat, they can transfer calls to you if necessary.

You can have your very own dedicated Customer Service team member for just $299 a week Full Time or $99 a week for the Shared Staff service if you have a low volume of calls.

  • Answer Phone Calls
  • Engage in Live Chat
  • Answer Customer Queries
  • Take Phone Orders
  • Take Bookings
  • Enter Orders/Bookings into Your Web Systems

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