Full Time Graphic Designers
Just $299 a Week!

Your own fully managed Graphics Designer.
Full Time $299 a Week   |  Part Time $199 a Week

Quality Graphic Designers

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Now you can afford to have your very own dedicated Graphics Designer on a Full Time or Part Time basis...

If you have an ongoing stream of graphic design work you can now afford your very own Part Time or Full Time Graphics Designer.

Whether you need print work or web work done you can have your own Graphic Designer handle all your creative needs.

Your Graphic Designer will be fully managed. This means that you will have a Graphic Designer that will always work to the highest standard.

Your Graphic Designer will have access to the full Adobe Design Suite.

You can either take on a Graphic Designer on a Full Time basis or a Part Time basis. A Full Time designer will operate on your business hours. You can select Part Time hours from 9am to 1pm or from 1:30pm to 5:30pm. Both are Monday to Friday.

A Full Time Graphic Designer is just $299 a week with a $399 set up fee.

Getting started is easy. We can have you going in just a few days or you can select a specific start date.

You will have an Account Manager assigned to you. The Account Manager is there to make everything streamlines for you. For all your day to day work you communicate directly with your Graphic Designer through our Messenger and Task management. If you have any issues your Account Manager is there to help. You’ll have their direct number.

So if you need a permanent Graphic Designer click the Get Started Now button!

Your Own Dedicated Graphics Designer

Just $299 a Week Full Time OR $199 a Week Part Time

No Contracts

You’re not linked in to any fixed terms. Cancel whenever you like. Not that you'll want to because once you try us you'll love us 🙂

Quality Staff

Our team is made up of qualified staff with University Degrees. Our team are also paid a lot more than others in their industry. This gives us the best people.

Fast, Easy Communication

When you have a job submitted we use a communication app that will communicate with you in real time. You'll also be able to see where each of your tasks are at at the click of a button.

Customer Reviews

What clients say

Outstanding Graphic Design Team

Philippines has a lot of amazing Graphic Designers. And we have the best of the lot!


Because we pay them 30% to 50% more than the average wage.

And because we have a large team, our web development team communicate and share knowledge with each other so all work is done properly and efficiently.

Outstanding Customer Service

You will have your very own Account Manager assigned to you. You will have their direct phone number and direct live messaging to them.

Your Account Manager also looks after the team looking after your work.

When you submit a new task it goes firstly to your Account Manager who then assigns the task.

Your Account Manager is there to make sure you’re happy and make sure everything works smoothly for you.

Take your business to the next level

Get a dedicated Graphic Designer working on your creative work now!


Most frequent questions and answers

No, it’s week to week. You may cancel at any time, not that you’ll want to, we’re awesome 🙂

There is a once off $399 set up fee. That’s it! There are no other fees apart from your weekly fee.

You’ll download a Messenger style App on your computer, tablet or smart phone. When you submit a task your personal Account Manager will assign it to our team that is assigned to you. When they need to communicate with you they’ll simply interact on the Messenger App.

It’s simply, it’s quick and it’s effective.

Yes. Your Account Manager is there to make sure everything flows properly for you. They are there to make your experience with Dynamic Action an amazing one.

You will have their direct phone number and you’ll also have them direct on Live Chat.

As you submit new tasks, those tasks first go to your Account Manager and they then assign your tasks to the right person. Your Account Manager will always know what tasks are in progress.

Just like any staff, our team will be off sick from time to time and they will take days off. We will provide you with another Web Developer to cover you on those days.

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Part/Full Time

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