Save 70% on Staff Costs!

You Can Now Hire Staff For Just...

$199 a Week Part Time Or

$299 a Week Full Time

  • No Minimum Term Contracts
  • Managed by Australian Management
  • Ready for the Australian Market
  • High Quality English Speaking Staff



$299 a Week!

Customer Support

Customer Service

Web Development/IT

Accounting/Book Keeping




If you can engage a person and get your work done at a third of the cost... would you?

The difference between hiring locally and hiring a virtual staff is that they sit in an office in Philippines instead of Australia... but they perform the same tasks to the same standard.

From Customer Service & Admin staff to Book Keepers to Web developers staff and more. Now you can afford full time staff to really boost your business.

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  • Premium Staff Only

    You pay for what you get. We attract the very best, most highly skilled staff because we pay on average 25% to 33% more than Philippines remote staff companies. We only attract the best.

  • We Make it Easy For You

    We make the whole process from finding & engaging the right staff member to the day to day management of your staff easy. You give them the work you need them to do and w e’ll manage them for you. We make it easy for you!

  • No Term Contracts & No Hidden Costs

    There is a once off $150 registration fee and then once your staff member is ready to start it’s just $199 a week for a part time or $299 a week for a full time staff member. It’s simple.

Here's Why Dynamic Action Staff
Shine Above Everyone Else...

  • Managed by Australian Management

    Anyone who has hired staff from overseas knows that staff need to be managed by Australian management to get the results you need as an Australian company. Our team is managed by Australian staff based in our operations centre in Philippines.

  • Australian Market Trained

    Dynamic Action staff have been trained & ready for the Australian market. They understand what Australian customers expect and how to interact with Australians.

  • English Speaking & Tertiary Educated

    We only select the best people to qualify as a Dynamic Action team member. They have a high level of English speaking, listening, reading & writing skills. They also go through an ongoing English improvement program to give you the very best skill set available.

  • Reliable & Hard Working

    Our staff are fully managed by an Account Manager who looks after the client and the client’s staff member. Our daily management program keeps track of our team’s work and our Account Managers make sure all work is done to the clients expectation.

  • No Minimum Contracts

    You can hire staff for as long as you like. You’re not tied to any minimum term contracts. You may cancel at anytime with just 1 month notice.

  • Adaptable for Your Work

    If the work you need done doesn’t require a staff member to physically be in your office, a Dynamic Action staff member can perform your tasks to the highest standard at a fraction of the cost.

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FROM JUST $199 a Week!

You can hire a Part Time staff member for just $199 a week or a Full Time staff member for just $299 a week.

Customer Service Staff  |  Admin Staff  |  Book Keepers  |  Sales Staff  |  Appointment Setters  |  Web Developers  |  IT Staff


Customer Service  |  Inbound Calls  |  Outbound Calls  |  Admin  |  Taking Bookings  |  Setting Appointments  |  Web Developers  |  IT Staff  |  Book Keepers

$199 a Week Part Time    |    $299 a Week Full Time


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