Quality, Low Cost, Affordable Staff

The Complete Package

Get all the expertise you need.
Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Customer Service.

Graphic Designers

Full Time $299 a week or Part Time $199 a week

Virtual Assistant

Have all your phone calls professionally answered in your business name.

Customer Service

Full Time $299 a week or Part Time $199 a week

Shared Assistant

Your phone calls answered, engage in Live Chat, take phone orders, bookings and more.

Sales Staff

Full Time $299 a week or Part Time $199 a week

Web Developers

Your own Web Developer. Full Time $299 a week or Part Time $199 a week.

Book Keepers

Full Time $299 a week or Part Time $199 a week

Here's Why You'll Love Us...

Only the Best Premium Staff

You pay for what you get. We attract the very best, most highly skilled staff because we pay on average 25% to 33% more than Philippines remote staff companies. We only attract the best.

We Make It Easy For You

We make the whole process from finding & engaging the right staff member to the day to day management of your staff easy. You give them the work you need them to do and we’ll manage them for you. We make it easy for you!

No Contracts or Hidden Costs

There are no minimum term contracts and no hidden costs. You will never have any nasty billing surprises.


Why Use Remote Staff?

If you can engage a person and get your work done at a third of the cost… would you?

The difference between hiring locally and hiring a virtual staff is that they sit in an office in Philippines instead of Australia… but they perform the same tasks to the same standard.

Provide more effective Customer Service, add Live Chat to your web site or get more Sales calls, Appointments set or bookings taken with highly trained, effective but low cost staff.