Engaging a Remote Staff Member is Done in

Just 4 Simple Steps...

We've taken the complexities out of hiring remote staff and made it easy. We do all the hard work and make it easy for you. We'll find out what you need done and our expert HR recruiters will provide you with the perfect shortlist of staff to choose from.

We'll manage your staff member in an ongoing basis. You assign the work and we'll make sure the quality & reliability of the work is spot on.

No one else manages remote staff like we do.

Complete the online Registration & Requirements Brief form. You'll answer some questions about what kind of jobs you want your staff to perform so that we can match the most suitable people and create shortlist of 3 people for you to choose from.

We will arrange a time with for a Video Skype meeting so you can meet and interview the 3 candidates we've matched for your role. From this Skype meeting you can then select the person you believe is best suited for you.

We will also discuss any other requirements you may need like Voip Phone, Live Chat from your web site etc. We're here to make it easy for you.

Once you've selected your new team member next set a start date for your new team member so start work. You complete an online form confirming the start date and enter your billing details. You are automatically debited on the same day each week on a weekly basis.

Your new Dynamic Action team member starts and you begin your induction & training as you would when a new staff member starts locally. You provide them with access to any systems you need them to use & train them in what you want them to do and how you want them to do it.

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