International Phone Calls at No Charge

Phone Number in Australia, Answered in Philippines... and there are No Call Charges!

  • Free Internal Calls

    All calls between your VOIP hand sets are free regardless of where in the world they are.

  • Unlimited Handsets

    You can have as many Phones as you like. There are no limits to how many phone you can plug in.

  • Low Cost

    Our Voip service costs less, a lot less than normal phone lines and systems. You’ll have the most advanced system at a much lower cost.

  • Easy to Use

    Your Voip phone system is packed with features but is so easy to use even a monkey could use it.

You'll be Amazed at How VOIP Can Transform Your Business!

One of the common questions we are asked is 'How can I have my staff in Philippines answer my phone calls? Won't it cost too much with international calls?'

The answer is no... In fact there are no call charges at all. And the quality of the calls is actually higher than standard phone calls.

The only time you are charged for calls is when you make outbound calls to a phone number. But even these call costs are very low or at no cost of you take the unlimited call plan.

The technology we use is called VOIP. Voice Over Internet Protocol. It's common technology today. In fact whenever you make an call to another country you are already using it as phone providers are now using this technology.

Using it is easy! You simply plug the VOIP phone into your internet router and it works just like a normal phone.

And the best part... we will set it up for you. There's no tech work or trying to work things out. We do it all for you.

Setting Up Is Easy, Here's How It Works...

Telephone Number

You can either select a new phone number to use for your business or you can port your existing number across. Porting your existing number means you can continue to use your existing number.

Apart from your main phone number you can also select and assign further phone numbers for some or all of your extensions if you want to give your staff direct numbers for people to be able to call them direct without going through reception.

You can also add more numbers from other states or even other countries to all ring on your phones.

User License

The Voip system is designed on a 'Per User' basis. This means that you create Users for the number of people using the phones. Each User is just $3.95 a month.

Each User can be assigned to multiple Devices (A Device is simply a Phone). One User caould be lined to a Desk Phone, A Smart Phone (Yes you can also download a Voip Phone App and use it on your phone) or even a PC.

Device License

Every Phone (or 'Device') needs a Device License. A Device License is just $3.35 a month per Device.

Call Plan

Call Plans are for outgoing calls to phone numbers. You are not charged for incoming calls or for calls you make internally from extension to extension.

There are 3 Call Plans available.

1. Pay as you go
Just $7.95 Includes 1 User License, 1 Device License and you simply pay for the calls you make at our low rates.

2. Unlimited Saver
Just $14.95 a month. Includes 1 User License, 1 Device License, Unlimited Local & STD Calls and low rates to mobiles.

3. Unlimited
Just $34.95 a month. Includes 1 User License, 1 Device License, Unlimited Local calls, STD Calls, Calls to mobiles and FREE calls to 50 countries.


There is a large selection of Voip phones you can choose from. You can have a standard phone which is suitable for most purposes or you can go right up to a Voip desk phone with large LCD screen or even a conference phone for board room tables.

You simply select and order the phones you want and we will program them and ship them to you ready to plug in and use.

You don't need to set anything up. We'll always do it all for you.

Just Some of The Included Features...

  • Inbound Number

    You can order phone numbers from all states, 1300 & 1800 numbers and even phone numbers from other countries and have them all pointed to your phone system.

  • Time Conditions

    Calls can be set to ring at different locations based on the time and date. Calls can be diverted to another extension, another phone number or even a voice mail.

  • Auto Call Answer

    Instead of waiting for an incoming call to be answered, our system can automatically answer you calls and play a welcome announcement followed by your choice of on-hold music.

  • Voice Menu

    Callers are greeted by a message offering them an interactive menu to link them to the right department. ‘Press 1 for this, Press 2 for that, Press 3 for something else’

  • Simultaneous Ring

    You can have your calls ring on any number of phones at the same time. Your office, your home and your mobile all at the same time.

  • Ring Group

    You can create groups and have calls or internal transfers ring on all phones in that group. Eg: Sales, Admin etc.

  • Call Recording

    You can have your inbound or outbound calls recorded and sent to the email address of your choice.

  • Voicemail to Email

    Any message that is left on your voicemail can be sent to you as an audio file by email so you can listen to it from anywhere easily.

  • Music On Hold

    Whenever your callers are placed on hold you can have a music file of your choice playing for them. You can even have voice over script recorded with a music background.

  • Caller ID prefix

    You can add a Prefix to the incoming caller ID. Eg: You may have 2 different businesses you want to answer calls for. Each business has it’s own number and you would set a Prefix for each incoming number so you know which business the caller is calling.

  • Internal Number

    Each User in your system will be assigned a 4 digit number of your choice. These are used to make internal calls. These don’t incur any call charges and it doesn’t matter if they are in the same building or in different countries.

  • Conference Calls

    Make a call and add as many other participants to a group conference call. You can either call each participant and add them or give them the number of your ‘Virtual Conference Room’ to join the conference call.

  • Call Transfer

    Transfer any call to any extension or external number.

Flexible Call Plans

Here's how to work out what you need...

If you have 1 Dynamic Action team member in Philippines answering your phone calls you will need 1 Voip Phone for your team member and 1 Voip phone for you in your office.

You will also need to select 2 User plans, 1 for each phone/user.

Australian Phone Number
1 User License
1 Device License
Local Calls
STD Calls
Mobile Calls
International Calls

Pay As You Go


Best plan if you mainly receive calls.
  • Australian Phone Number
  • 1 User License
  • 1 Device License
  • Local Calls10c Per Call
  • STD Calls10c Per Call
  • Mobile Calls13.9c Per Min
  • International CallsInternational Call Rates

Unlimited Plus


Select this plan if you make calls to both Landlines and Mobile numbers and certain international calls.
  • Australian Phone Number
  • 1 User License
  • 1 Device License
  • Local CallsUnlimited Calls
  • STD CallsUnlimited Calls
  • Mobile CallsUnlimited Calls
  • International CallsFree Calls to 50 Countries
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