Now You can Afford Sales Staff to Generate More Revenue for Your Business!

Sales people generate income… and now you can afford your own Sales Team to generate new business, boost sales from existing customers, generate leads, set appointments and more!

Inbound Sales

Your inbound sales enquiries answered

Outbound Sales

Outbound phone calls to leads & customers.

Lead Generation

Generate leads for your business. Zero in on the right people to create a hot leads list.

Consider this... Sales people generate more money for your business. How much extra $$$ revenue do you want?

Now you can afford to engage Full Time or Part Time Sales People!

Sales… it’s a numbers game.

A local business engaged one of our Sales People and had them making calls to their customers as a simple follow up to make sure their customers were happy.

The customers loved the follow up service and felt valued that the business would make a phone call by a real person to make sure they were happy.

But the best part is this… through the conversation the sales Person talked about some new offers they had going. No hard sell, just a simple, friendly conversation.

The result?

On average between $800 to $1,400 a week in extra revenue.

Now let’s do the numbers… The Sales person was $299 a week and the revenue was between $800 to $1,400 a week. take away the $299 a week and that’s between $501 to $1,101 in extra revenue a week.

The business added an extra Sales person to do the same thing. Now more customers are being called. The results? Double the results!

Lead Generators

Another local business had a niche market they were targeting to sell their products. They had a 2 step procedure where they first needed to get the details of the right contact, make contact and do an initial introduction. This created a warm lead.

Their next step was to send an information pack out to the contact. From there they continues with their normal sales process.

The result?

A huge boost in customer conversions!


Because now they were dealing with a LOT more leads. Leads generated by a Dynamic Action Sales person.

A boost to this business of thousands of dollars every month from a $299 a week sales person.

Are you ready to give your business a massive boost of revenue?

Start building your sales team today!

Now you can have a Sales Person for Just...

$199 a Week Part Time


$299 a Week Full Time

No Contracts

You’re not linked in to any fixed terms. Cancel whenever you like. Not that you'll want to because once you try us you'll love us 🙂

Quality Staff

Our team is made up of qualified staff with University Degrees. Our team are also paid a lot more than others in their industry. This gives us the best people.

Fast, Easy Communication

You'll get access to our desktop & mobile messneger app which allows you to communicate with your Assistant in real time. Naturally, you can also call them too.

Customer Reviews

What clients say

Outbound Calls

You can have your Sales person do outbound calls for you.

There are many ways you can do outbound calls to generate more cash flow. One of the popular ways that works every time is by simply calling your customers as a courtesy customer service call to make sure they’re happy with everything. As the conversation flows the Sales person then introduces your latest special offers, or exclusive customer only special offers etc.

Depending on the price of your products & services, this strategy always works generating thousands of dollars. All from an amazing quality Sales person that’s just $299 a week!

Inbound Sales Enquiries

Are you running marketing campaigns where people are calling you for more information or to place an order?
You can have your Sales person take care of all your inbound phone calls. They’ll answer the calls and follow your sales procedure as you set in place for them.
Your Sales person will be focused on closing the deals for you and entering the orders into your systems.

Lead Generation

Need to generate leads?
Your Sales person will make the calls for you.
Whether it’s making appointments or researching the right person or talking to people to create warm leads for you… your Sales person will follow through with the process you set in place.
They’ll even enter all your data into your CRM or anywhere you want your data to be entered.

Turn $299 a Week into Thousands of $$$ a Week!

You’re just minutes away from generating more revenue with a highly profitable Sales Person!


Most frequent questions and answers

We use VOIP technology. That means your calls are being made through the internet. Most calls these days are being dine this way. If you don’t have a VOIP system we highly recomemend using one. It’s simple to change over to and it’s a LOT cheaper than normal old technology phones. It’s aslo a lot clearer.

Otherwise you can also simply divert your phone.

Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to discuss your options.

No problem, we can set it up for you… it’s easy!

Click here for details.

No, it’s week to week. You may cancel at any time, not that you’ll want to, we’re awesome 🙂

There is just a once off $399 set up fee.

You can communicate by phone (free call through VOIP) or through our Messenger App.

You’ll download a Messenger style App on your computer, tablet or smart phone. When your needs to communicate with you they’ll simply interact on the Messenger App.

It’s simply, it’s quick and it’s effective… and it’s in real time.

Yes, we will assign one of Sales person to you and you will have the same Sales person as part of your team.

Yes. Your Account Manager is there to make sure everything flows properly for you. They are there to make your experience with Dynamic Action an amazing one.

You will have their direct phone number and you’ll also have them direct on Live Chat.

It does happen. Staff can be sick and be away on holidays as well.

But we have you covered. If your Sales person is away we’ll have another one covering you so your service continues as normal.

Your Account Manager will always let you know if there is a replacement taking over.

Part/Full Time

Part/Full Time

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