Customer Service Staff - Just $99 a Week!

You Can Afford to Free Yourself

You need someone to take your calls, take orders, bookings, engage in Live Chat etc
but you don't have enough work for a full time staff member.

The Shared Staff solution is your affordable solution.

You need a staff member but you're not busy enough for a full time person... This is the solution for you!

  • Answer Phone Calls

    Free yourself from your phone and have your phone calls answered for you. Don’t just use an ‘answering service’ where they just answer the phone in your name and take a message. Instead have a staff member take your calls and deal with them like they’re your very own staff.

  • Engage in Live Chat

    Live Chat is not an option anymore… it’s a must! Did you know that more people engage inĀ  Live Chat then making a phone call. But to engage in Live Chat you need to be in front of your Live Chat ready to answer straight away… customers won’t wait around. Have your Live Chat answered quickly & professionally.

    Don’t have Live Chat? No problem! We’ll set it up on your web site for a once of $79 and there are no ongoing monthly charges.

  • General Receptionist

    Have your own receptionist handle your calls and take messages or transfer calls to you or any other relevant people. You assign how you want your calls to be handled. Once we transfer a call to you, you can talk as ling as you like as there are no times call charges. It’s an amazing service you’ll love!

  • Answer Questions

    Free yourself from answering clients questions. Have someone answer your customers questions. By phone or Live Chat, now you can have someone handle your customers question and handle the flow from there as it suits you.

  • Take Bookings

    It’s easy to get bogged down taking calls and making bookings. It’s even worse when you miss a call and lose a booking. Have your bookings taken care of. Have someone take all your bookings for you. Have your bookings handled as you want them. Manually, or online through your own booking system… it’s up to you.

  • Take Phone Orders

    Your time is worth too much to be taking phone orders. have your phone orders taken care of by one f our staff. They’ll answer your calls or Live Chats and take your orders for you and enter them directly into your system or however you instruct.

For Just $99 a Week!

It's Like Having Your Very Own Full Time Trained Staff Member...

Our Shared Staff service is not like one of those typical Answering Services that simply answer your call and take a message for you.

Our Shared Staff service is completely different. It's like having your own dedicated full time staff member. They are trained in knowing about your business and what you want them to do for you.

So as they liaise with your customers you have some who knows and cares about your business.

The only difference is that they are shared with a few other business who, like you, don't have enough work or calls for a full time staff member.

The Shared Staff service is perfect for businesses with a low volume of calls. You have 40 Phone Calls/Live Chat interactions included per week. Excess interactions are just $2 per call/live chat.

At $99 a week, this is the perfect solution for a small business.

Choose Your Communication


We can answer your calls. You simply divert your phone to a dedicated local phone number we provide you with or you can advertise your new phone number directly.

We can also transfer inbound calls to you as a Receptionist Service.

To have calls transferred to you, you will need to purchase a VOIP phone. The VOIP Phone simply plugs into your internet Router and comes to you set up and ready to go.

There is a flat rate $15 monthly fee for calls to be transferred to you. There are no timed call charges or any other extra charges. When a call is transferred to you, you can talk as long as you like.

Desk phones start from $135 and Cordless Phones start from $195.

Live Chat

Live Chat is not an option anymore... it's a must!

We have found that more people are using Live Chat than making a phone call.

If you offer both Phone call and Live Chat support to your customers you will be providing outstanding customer service that your customers will love!

As part of the Shared Staff Service we can engage with Live Chat conversations with your customers and web site visitors.

There is no monthly charge however we will need to set up our Live Chat service on your web site. This is a once of $79 fee.

Getting Started is Easy...

Complete the online Registration Form. We'll ask you about your business and what you need our team member to do for you.

We assign you one of our awesome Team to your business and set a time to introduce you to them. We'll also set up a time for your onboarding & training so your assistant knows what they need to do for you.

You have a training session with your assigned team member. Provide them with instructions of what you wnat them to do for you, provide them with access to any systems you want them to use etc.

Ready to go! You can now ease back and focus on your work and let our team member look after your calls, live chat, bookings, order taking etc.

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