Your Own Virtual Receptionist Answering Your Phone Calls in Your Business Name...

Have your phone calls answered and transferred to you or message taken.

Professionally Answered

Calls are answered by a Professional Receptionist giving your business a top image.

Message Taken

Messages can be taken and directed to you by email or SMS

Call Transferred to You

Calls can be answered and transferred to your office or mobile phone.

Professional, affordable Virtual Receptionist...

Just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean you can’t give the impression of a top end professioanl image.

Now you can have your phone calls answered in your business name by a professional Receptionist and have them either transfer the call to you or take and forward you a message.

It’s the perfect way to project a professional image to your customers.

No Contracts

You’re not linked in to any fixed terms. Cancel whenever you like. Not that you'll want to because once you try us you'll love us 🙂

Quality Staff

Our team is made up of qualified staff with University Degrees. Our team are also paid a lot more than others in their industry. This gives us the best people.

Message Forwarding

Your messages are forwarded to you immediately by email or txt message. You can even have your calls transferred to your office or mobile phone.

Choose your plan

See how good we are… Enjoy a 7 Day Free Trial


$ 19 Per Week
  • 10 Calls a Week
  • No Call Transfer Charges
  • Excess Calls $2.9/call


$ 29 Per Week
  • 20 Calls a Week
  • No Call Transfer Charges
  • Excess Calls $2.60/call


$ 49 Per Week
  • 50 Calls a Week
  • No Call Transfer Charges
  • Excess Calls $2.40call
Most Popular


$ 65 Per Week
  • 80 Calls a Week
  • No Call Transfer Charges
  • Excess Calls $2/call


$ 95 Per Week
  • 120 Calls a Week
  • No Call Transfer Charges
  • Excess calls $2/call

Take Messages

When a call comes through your Assistant can take a message and forward it to you through our real time Messenger App.

Have Calls Transferred

When a call comes in you can have call transferred direct to your office phone or mobile phone.

Take your business to the next level

Project the right professional image to your clients. Start Your Free 7 Day Trial.


Most frequent questions and answers

No, it’s week to week. You may cancel at any time, not that you’ll want to, we’re awesome 🙂

No, it’s just your chosen weekly subscription fee and any excess calls received. If you continue to receive excess calls you can upgrade to the next call package.

Your messages are sent to you by email to your nominated email account or by txt message to your nominated mobile number.

From 7am to 8pm Monday to Friday. Except Public Holidays.

Part/Full Time

Part/Full Time

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