You Want Highly Effective Staff...

Without The Headaches.

There are plenty of 'virtual staff' companies who can provide you with a staff member to hire.

But there's a huge difference between simply hiring a low cost staff member from another country and engaging a fully managed team member.

Most 'virtual staff' companies provide all kinds of staff from all industries. They simply recruit & assign... and then charge you a premium for it. They don't have the professional in-house experience for the broad range of industry staff.

We only offer staff in the area we specialise in. This is our expertise. This is what we are outstanding at doing.

This means that if your team member needs that extra bit of support they have an experienced support team they can look to. And that makes a huge difference when hiring staff.

We hire the best of the best. And we pay them 25% to 35% more than the industry average. That's why we attract the best, most highly skilled people.

But what really sets us apart is the way we manage them.

We manage them on your behalf. We make sure that your staff member is performing at the standard you expect them to perform at.

We don't just find and assign you a staff member for your work like other Virtual Staff companies do.

The staff we manage for clients are grouped into teams. Each team has a 'Team Manager'.

The Team Managers have a small portfolio of clients and their staff. So as a Dynamic Action client you will always have direct access to the same person who is managing your staff member.

You will have their direct number to discuss whatever you need to ensure that our staff are performing for you.

The same person who is assigned to you to make sure that you're happy and everything is working for you is also the same person who manages your Dynamic Action staff.

So there's no 'big black hole' at Dynamic Action when you need something. You have the direct number to the person looking after you and managing your staff.

When it comes to remote staff... we are the best!

No one comes close.